Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old and New

I was in Springfield, IL earlier this year and happened to run into a famous family, out for a stroll. They kindly let me have my picture taken with them.

We have a new attraction in north Raleigh--a paved path along the Neuse River, between the dam and US 1. It is lovely and peaceful. We went out two weeks ago Sunday afternoon for a walk. This week, Marilyn bought a new bicycle. Yesterday, she took me shopping for one of my own. We didn't buy one, but . . .
I can see into the future.

The path starts at the Falls Lake Dam and ends for now at Highway 401, about six miles to the southeast. Eventually the path will go all the way to Johnson County--about 30 miles.

Below is the new bridge across the Neuse River. Remember that old, rickity bridge just below the dam? It's still there, but now this four-lane beauty gets us to Wake Forest quicker. They still have to widen Fall of Neuse to four lanes between Raven Ridge and this bridge.

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MKMT said...

Mom, I want to rent a bike when we come and ride with you! And Dad, that picture of you with the Lincolns is really creepy.